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  • Sodium Lignosulfonate

Sodium Lignosulfonate

Technical Data Sheet

Sodium Lignosulfonate


CAS No.: 8061-51-6

Molecular formula     C20H24Na2O10S2

Molecular weight    534.51


The product is introduced:

Sodium lignosulphonate is a kind of natural high molecular polymer, with a very strong sense of dispersion, due to the molecular weight and functional groups and different with different degree of dispersion, is a kind of surface active substance, can adsorption in all kinds of solid particle surface, and can be made the metal ion exchange effect, but also because of its organizational structure are all kinds of active group, thus can produce condensation effect or and other compounds occur hydrogen bonding interaction. At present our company sodium lignosulphonate SH - 1, SH - 2, SH - 3 series products have been in the domestic and foreign chemical, construction, ceramics, powder metallurgy, chemicals, petroleum, carbon black, refractory materials, coal-water slurry dispersant etc widely spread and applied.


Second, the main technical indicators:

Appearance :Yellow-brown powder

Moisture : 37%

PH : 7-11

Also the original: 48%

Water-insoluble :0.51.5%

Inorganic salt (NaSO4) :25%

Total calcium magnesium: 0.31.5%

Lignin content :4560%


Three, the main use:

1, can be used for refractory material, ceramic products scattered, adhesive, water reducing reinforcing agent, improve yield 70% - 90%.

2, can be used as geology, oil field, consolidate the wall and oil production plugging agent.

3, wettability pesticide filling agent and emulsifying dispersant; Fertilizer granulation, feed granulation of the adhesive.

4, can be used as concrete water reducing agent, suitable for culvert, DAMS and reservoirs, airport and highway engineering, etc.

5, boiler as scale removal agent, circulating water quality stabilizer.

6, sand, sand fixing agent.

7, used in electroplating electrolytic, can make the coating uniform, no tree pattern;

8, leather industry as tanning agent,

9, used as a separation flotation agent and mineral powder metallurgy adhesive.

10, water coal paddle additive.

11, long-term slow release nitrogen fertilizer agent, efficient release compound modified additives.

12, VAT dye, disperse dye filling agent, dispersing agent, acid dye dilution agent, etc.

13, used in lead-acid battery and alkaline battery cathode preshrunk agent, improve the battery low temperature quick discharge and service life.


Four, packaging, storage and transportation:

1, packing: lined with plastic film for external use polypropylene woven bag double packing, 25 kg/bag.

2, storage: store in dry and ventilated place, should pay attention to moistureproof damp. Long-term deposit not metamorphism, such as has agglomerate, crushing and/or dissolving does not affect the use effect.

Transportation: this product non-toxic and harmless, system not inflammable, explosive or dangerous. The car, train transportation all can.

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