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Mini excavator





Mini excavator product description


Product Description 1Features

90 degree rotation (coin, remote control)

2Specification Length: 3.2m Height: 1.9m Width: 0.9m

Rated voltage: 220V Rated frequency: 50hz Rated total power: 1.5kw

Standard bucket capacity: 0.01 m³ Dug the maximum depth: 0.4m The maximum height:1.85m Swing: about 2.1 m

Maximum rotation speed: 3r / m Maximum working hours: 8h / m Total weight: 280kg

Covers an area: 10 square meters

3Product details

The Mini Excavator was simple operation and reliable in useIt is design for outdoor recreation and entertainment places such as outdoor playgrounds, parks and squares. It is also suitable for indoor  public places  such  as  indoor  playground,  science  and  technology   museum,

children's palace, school and exhibition hall. It is can work in entertainment places, and could increase in entertainment revenue. The development of a variety of scenarios can maximize the excitement of the child's game interest, hands-on coordination, family members to participate in the joint guarantee more excellent rate.

4Customer groups


6 years old and adults

5Product color


Yellow or Others

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