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  • Gluconic Acid

Gluconic Acid

Gluconic Acid Solution  


※ Physical Property:

The solution is amber transparent syrup liquid, slightly acidic odor, relative density 1.24, when temperature is lower than 10 ℃,the crystallization can separate out ,  the solution with glucono delta lactone into a state of equilibrium, below at 30 ℃ gluconic acid is the major. usually about 50% of solution is more stable.

Molecular formulaC6H12O7

Molecular weight196.16

Structural formula



※ Quality standard





Gluconic   acid and glucono delta lactone assay


Sucrose   and reducing  








Heavy   metals       




※ use

it can be used as acidifier in food additives,  also used to supplement the human body to create a trace element required for the gluconate, such as calcium gluconate, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, other food additives ,medicinal tablets , injections, etc. in the food industry for the prevention of milk concretion, beer concretion at the time of brewing beer. also be used for textile dyeing and printing industrys, cleaning agents as high quality.

※Packing:in 250kgs/plastic drum, or 1000kgs/drum

※storage and transportation:

This product keep in shaded, cool and air places, the shelf time is 1 year, It is a non-dangerous products and can be transported as a common chemical products,Protect them from sunshine or rain.


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