Chemical Auxiliaries

  • Sodium sulphate

Sodium sulphate

  • Sodium sulfate, sodium sulfate anhydrous, cooking agent.Cosolvent.Coagulants, fillers, analytical reagents, such as dehydrators, catalysts,


White fine grain crystal or powder.Odorless, salty and bitter.Hygroscopic, soluble in water.Insoluble in alcohol


1, the chemical industry used to manufacture sodium sulfide sodium silicate and other chemical products.

A cooking agent used in the manufacture of sulphate pulp in the paper industry.

3. Glass industry is used as auxiliary solvent instead of soda ash.

4. Used to prepare vinylon spinning coagulant in textile industry.

5. Used in nonferrous metal metallurgy, leather, etc.

6, used to make sodium sulfide, pulp, glass, water glass, porcelain glaze, also used as a laxative and barium salt poisoning antidote

7, mainly used as filler of synthetic detergent.A cooking agent used in the manufacture of sulphate pulp in the paper industry.The glass industry is used in place of soda ash.The chemical industry is used as raw material for making sodium sulfide, sodium silicate and other chemical products.Textile industry used to prepare vinylon spinning solidification bath.The pharmaceutical industry is used as a laxative.Also used in nonferrous metallurgy, leather and other aspects.

8, used as filler for synthetic detergent, also used in paper industry, glass industry, chemical industry, textile industry and pharmaceutical industry, etc.

9. Used as analytical reagents, such as dehydrating agent, digestion catalyst for nitrogen determination, interference inhibitor in atomic absorption spectrum analysis.It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry.

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